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AWS re:invent isn’t just for techies

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 27, 2017 3:51:15 AM / by Sarah de Castro

Sarah de Castro

Why this massive technology event is important to your business.

It’s that time of the year again when Las Vegas gets invaded by tens of  thousands of technologists :guys and gals talking EC2 instances,  containers, AWS provisioning and virtually, virtual-everything. From cloud enthusiasts to computer scientists and CTOs all will be united for AWS re:Invent, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure show. But this annual event is about much more than code, it underscores trends that will impact all areas of business.

2017’s 5-day event won’t be confined to The Venetian hotel as it has been in previous years but will be held at six official venus along the famous Las Vegas Strip – spanning the 4.2 miles area and dedicated to multiple shoot off technology sessions and events (over 1000 breakout sessions  in fact, on topics such as cloud architecture, continuous deployment, monitoring and management, performance, security, migration and more). With over 40,000 attendees expected, this year’s AWS re:Invent is the biggest event of it’s kind to date. Like cloud adoption itself, alongside Amason’s and AWS’s profit margin, re:invent just keeps growing.

While looking at the agenda, it looks like a massive programmer event, technologically sophisticated and dense - with everything from Hackathon Jams to AWS certification exam sessions definitely not everyone’s average show, the significance of re:invent is companywide and the announcements made are absolutely relevant to whoever is responsible for longer term planning, as they point to technological trends and potential areas for disruption in years to come.

The experts have spoken and it looks like artificial intelligence and machine learning are slated to be key themes of this event, just check out this Forbes article by Janakiram MSV, he underscores: “There are many opportunities for Amazon to deliver managed ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) platform to customers. Don’t forget that has been exploiting machine learning for decades to achieve enhanced shopping experience for its e-commerce site. AWS is all set to expose the secret sauce as services to developers.”

And continues “When the power of AI is applied to operations, it will redefine the way infrastructure is managed. With access to humongous amounts data generated from the infrastructure, thorough understanding of operations, and in-depth knowledge of AI, Amazon is all set to bring intelligent operations to AWS.” So while some of us (ahem us)  are already helping companies to use AI technology to predict AWS spend before it happens, it seems the general population is beginning to understand the need for better AWS management, and how the right technology with enable this.  

Janakiram goes to to predict announcements in “intelligent vision, translation, text analytics, video pattern recognition and recommendation services to join existing AI services such as Lex, Polly, and Rekognition…”  i.e. developments that will see customers using artificial intelligence without needing to understand its more technical aspects.

So while, you may wish to leave the more technical aspects to the experts, take note: the technology that AWS is investing in, may well be a pretty important part of your roadmap in the next few years.  Sign up to watch the livestream feed of the three key keynote speeches from Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, and Werner Vogels, CTO of, as well as Tuesday Night Live with Peter DeSantis, VP of AWS Global Infrastructure, here.

The keynotes are an opportunity for these three kings of AWS to announce significant updates to its cloud platform, new products and services as well as give a general rundown on how AWS is going and what direct to expect in the year to come.  So while you might not make it to the mass hackathon the mirage, this event is still the moment to gain great  insight into where the driving force in cloud infrastructure is placing their bets.

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Sarah de Castro

Written by Sarah de Castro

Cloud-enthusiast and storyteller, Sarah is a content strategist at OneKloud. Explorer of the technology landscape, she boils down technical and complex ideas for everyday digestion (and enjoyment). With an appreciation for sophisticated simplicity, linguistics and branding, she is a global local in Paris from New Zealand.