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The Beginning - Our Story

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 30, 2016 10:10:00 AM / by Sarah de Castro

Sarah de Castro

Our story starts with Xavier Garcia, a European computer whiz-kid who, quite a few years ago, took a programming gig in San Francisco. And then another...and then another.

Yet, something kept nagging at him: the amount of unexpected invoices for cloud infrastructure.  Xavier was dumbfounded by the overlooked and prevalent misuse and mismanagement of cloud infrastructure that was costing companies massive amounts of money, while no one seemed to notice.

When he mentioned this situation to his pal Eric Didier, a serial entrepreneur hailing from the world’s Champagne capital Reims, France, who had also faced similar issues in several of his companies, they set out to solve this very specific problem that costs companies massive amounts of money: How to regain control of their cloud-infrastructure budget?

It’s a tricky situation, because those doing the spending aren’t accountable. It’s the developers who place the orders for AWS, but it’s the CFO who pays the big, fat, non-itemised bill at the end of each month. Just Imagine an open bar... those doing the drinking aren’t picking up the tab. There’s no limit! Which equals a massive hangover in the morning!” explains Eric.

To take this idea to the next level -from an idea to a project-  they were joined by fellow San-Francisco based Frenchman John Tripier, known around town for making things happen.

Together they decided to challenge the flat organization model -that meant develpers had the direct procurement of cloud resources- having experienced first-hand the two main pitfalls of this ideal:  overspending and misuse of resources, due to a lack of both, supervision and visibility. A situation that seemed to be especially prevalent with companies using Cloud infrastructure resources, like AWS. Considering 48 000 companies in the US spent 10 billion on AWS over the last 12 months, it seems like a question worth considering.

Convinced that financial transparency, top-down resource allocation and simplicity mean better business at all levels. And with a unique perspective that aims to  disrupt current corporate Cloud Infrastructure usage norms, they founded OneKloud.

Thanks for joining us.

This is just the beginning.

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Sarah de Castro

Written by Sarah de Castro

Cloud-enthusiast and storyteller, Sarah is a content strategist at OneKloud. Explorer of the technology landscape, she boils down technical and complex ideas for everyday digestion (and enjoyment). With an appreciation for sophisticated simplicity, linguistics and branding, she is a global local in Paris from New Zealand.